Жизнь за открытой дверью (ttoommaa) wrote,
Жизнь за открытой дверью

У нас в офисе очень жарко, жалуюсь в чате соседке по офису. Диалог под катом.

T: Mmm… but roasted Research Coordinator makes a perfect holiday dinner.

Me: A bigger one, like me, would also last for a week after

T: We can save you for Christmas/ NY. Start with the interns for Thanksgiving

Me: Wouldn't interns be too lean for long roasting? I’d probably last the entire holiday week

T: Yeah, but Thanksgiving is first — a short roasting. And a one-day holiday. If you last all holiday week, you can do Christmas and New Years. Or Hannukah, your pick!

Me: I’m not kosher, so Hannukah is out.

T: Do you have cloven hooves?

Me: Nope, and no regurgitation either. Definitely not kosher.

T: Too bad. Maybe they’d have made an exception if you were fried in oil rather than roasted…

Me: No cloven hooves, no regurgitation, no scales, may be some hard shell… I doubt I’d qualify even with exceptions. For all practical purposes I should be forbidden to walk in Israel.

А сейчас мы обсуждаем как выращивают свиней в Израиле. У меня чудесные коллеги :о)
Tags: работа
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