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Жизнь за открытой дверью

101 in 1001

Нашла один прикольный проект - 101 за 1001.
Надо создать список из 101 наименования и закончить все пункты за 1001 день.
На создание списка ушло два дня, так что вот.

1. Get the diploma. Graduated with Master's Degree in January 2007, finally picked up my diploma last week of August.
2. Apply for PhD. Yes, I'm applying this year. Already started!
3. Register for cake decorating classes and finish all three. finished in December 2006
4. Buy flowers once a month for a year. I think I completed 12 months
5. Learn to dance at least one ballroom dance decently. Learned tango for the wedding
6. Drink a liter of water every day for two weeks. Doing way over that lately with the diet
7. Lose 20 pounds. Lost 20 as of September 2009 since July 2009, planning to keep going
8. Do something special for at least one person each month.
9. Learn Spanish.
10. Snowboard in Europe.
11. Get a job. working in Columbia University
12. Go to burning man.
13. Learn photography. reading a couple of books specific to our Digital Rebel XT
14. Figure out why my laptop is overheating (long overdue problem). it was memory issue, people
15. Return to flute lessons.
16. Watch all movies I've been wanting to rent, but never got to. got netflix to give it a go, queue is now 328 movies. Netflix queue is down to 99 items in September 2009
17. Finish two embroidery projects I've started, but never finished. finished both late September 2006, started a couple more
18. Entertain a five course dinner party. doing that every weekend in PA now
19. Visit relatives at least once a year. saw almost every one of them at a funeral, not a good occasion, but satisfies nevertheless
20. Finish writing the paper. Done as of December 2006
21. Make a wedding cake for someone else's wedding.
22. Travel in every country in Europe, except the ones I've already been to.
23. Load all my CDs to iTunes.
24. Collect a complete set of US state quarters. done
25. Visit at least five states I haven't been to before. Visited Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island last weekend of August 2007
26. Go to Hawaii.
27. Go to Alaska.
28. Spend a day in San Francisco.
29. Go to a public concert in a park. Went to Manu Chao concert in Prospect Park in JUne 2007.
30. Go snowboarding on the west coast.
31. Get a kitten. He's seven months old now, living with us for a month and a half.
32. Put up all artwork that's been waiting to go up the walls. Finally done in September 2009
33. Learn to ride motorcycles.
34. Eat a fruit or a vegetable a day for two weeks. done over the last two weeks of September 2006
35. Vote. Did that in November election.
36. Visit Australia.
37. Give away the clothes I don't wear. donated some stuff to Salvation Army in early November 2006
38. Acquire desent knowledge of wine. Doing well with wine now, comfortably avoid wine vinegars, update of September 2009
39. Attend a soccer game.
40. Get car insurance in my name. done, done, done!!! starting November 10, 2006 my name is in the car insurance
41. Volunteer for a good cause.
42. Make the switch - PC out, Mac in.
43. Get nice golden tan. Managed to avoid burning on vacation and got nice and brown
44. Get a professional massage. Just yesterday got hot stone massage, courtecy of Inna and Jane. Thank you, ladies.
45. Take at least one picture of all friends and family members.
46. Attend a professional tennis tournament. completed August 28, 2006 with US Open, saw Andre Agassi and jeez he's entertaining.
47. Learn rules of pocker.
48. Improve my pool game.
49. Make marshmallow fondant.
50. Make marzipan.
51. Have chocolate fondue at home. melted chocolate and dipped strawberries in - September 2006
52. Go bowling. Again. Went in March 2009, will probably not do it again
53. Help mom buy an apartment. She moved into the apartment in April 2007.
54. Visit Grand Canyon.
55. See a ballet.
56. Go to opera. Once yearly visit to the Met in 2006 and 2007
57. Watch 30 DVDs or parts thereof, if talking about series, where an episode is no shorter than 50 minutes, in 30 days. watched all episodes of Sex and the City in 30 days
58. Dress up for Halloween. got a pumpkin wig and went to a party, close enough, October 2006
59. Contact a highschool friend. completed September 6, 2006 with calling up Leah.
60. Go to a gay bar.
61. Go 48 hours without touching a computer. completed September 1-4, 2006 when we went away for Labor Day weekend.
62. Purchase a suit. got two, one in London, one in New York - October 2006
63. Eat a traditional picnic under a tree. Yes, basket and all.
64. Have a candlelit, romantic dinner. at dacha in May 2008
65. Sing solo karaoke. did that on our 2006 cruise trip
66. Attend New York Bronx Zoo. turns out I've been there back in 2004
67. Party all night and go to work in the morning. It's getting harder and harder to do, but could still manage for over a week!!!
68. Read Forsyth Saga. Again.
69. Get married. September 2007
70. Visit South Pacific islands.
71. Snorkel Great Barrier reef.
72. Travel by train long distance - at least 5 hours. Went from St. Petes to Moscow by train.
73. Visit a desert.
74. Dance tango in front of more than 10 people. see #69
75. Go to an amusement park. Six Flags Great Advanture in August 2007.
76. See a stand-up comedy performance live. Got Robin Williams tickets for December 2009
77. Eat at Katz Deli.
78. Cook Thanksgiving turkey. Thanksgiving 2006 witnessed another one of my creations
79. Travel to Africa. Hopefully going in 2010. Keeping my fingers crossed
80. Make peach jam for dad. made almost 4 gallons of that sucker - September 2006
81. To to Cape Cod and go on a whale-watching trip.
82. Try something I've never eaten before. Ate steamed lobster in Maine in August 2007.
83. Dye my hair reddish shade. Dyed my hair a bit dark eggplant shade of red, October 2006
84. Re-do the kitchen. More or less redid the dacha kitchen. I say it counts
85. Go rafting. kayaking will do, I suppose - July 2007, Delaware river
86. Repaint ceiling in the bathroom.
87. Go to a waterpark. Went to the Hurricane Harbor in August 2008
88. Get a new day planner and use it. I'm not sure I'd survive if I didn't have it.
89. Find a nice shade of red. In flowers and in fabric. Done, will post pictures sometime.
90. Water flowers every other day for a month.
91. Study for and take GRE.
92. Get at least 750 in math.
93. Keep a diet for at least two consecutive weeks. How do you think I lost the 20 pounds from above?
94. Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night for two consecutive weeks. Vacation, vacation. Summer 2009
95. Drive a speedboat or a jetboat. bought a boat and drove it yesterday - July, 6 2008 Bought a jet ski and didn't sink it over the summer of 2009
96. Go camping. Went a few times, last time in July 2007.
97. Learn when to use capital letters at the beginning of words.
98. Sell a cake for profit.
99. Stay away from buying T-shirts until January, 2007. I suppose I did, but can't be 100%
100. Go through closets and donate unwanted clothing to Red Cross. Done it in December 2006.
101. For every incomplete task after 1001 days donate a dollar or a piece of clothing to charity of choice.