Жизнь за открытой дверью (ttoommaa) wrote,
Жизнь за открытой дверью

Автопереводчики - зло или посвящение открытию олимпиады.

But is it a squirrel?

Here, crippie, take my seat.

Great with flied lice

A seperate entrance for Hos....why didn't I think of that?

Sounds better than canned water doesn't it?

Go over there to die, please. Thank you.

Good to know

Not nice. Some of my best friends are liquor heads.

Look up and down the aisle twice before proceeding...

Starbucks should be very afraid!

I wouldn't tickle this one

Weird, because horsebeans sound delicious.

Where every fashion aficionado in China shops!!!

I knew it!!


If there's one thing we don't need help with...

'See you after the flight, Cousins Brian, Glenn & Greg!'

So this is where they all end up
Tags: приколы, фотки
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